A downloadable game for Windows

Darky Boy is a 2D Platform Game. I work on Unity 3D.

The game doesn't have a end yet, but I will add it soon. The game is about a Ninja called Kazuma. He is in a strange colorful and flat world. He has a sister: Kashimi. One day, someone kidnapped Kashimi. Kazuma must travel many levels to save her.

This is easy to control! Play it with your keyboard.

I hope you will love the game! Please tell me what do you think about my game in the comments :)
Thank you for testing the game! ♥

Install instructions

You can download the last build here or on Gamejolt.

Just Download it, unzip it and Enjoy!


Darky Boy - 12th Nov Build 81 MB


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This looks interesting and promising - may want to reconsider its name though, as it actually has racial connotations.